Q?Who can go on one of your projects?
A.We welcome anyone to join us on our projects whether it’s a playground build or a ministry project. There are no special skills required to volunteer with us.
Q?Can I bring my kids with me?
A.Children ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Our volunteer coordinator will have planned activities for those 16 years and under which may include helping build the playground. Children 17 and over will be treated as adults and will be able to help with the playground construction.
Q?What does a trip cost?
A.The cost of a trip varies depending on the location and how long the trip is. It could vary anywhere from $500 (U.S. builds) to $2,000+ (International builds).
Q?How do I pay for a trip?
A.Each participant is responsible for paying for their own trip. We require a non-refundable down payment of $100 – $200 turned in with your application; certain costs are due when reservations are made (i.e. airline, hotel, visas); and the remainder of the costs are generally due within 1 month from the trip date. You can pay by credit card, check or raise your own funds for the cost of the trip.
Q?What is covered by the costs?
A.On most trips the total cost includes visas, lodging, most in-country meals, in-country transportation, airline tickets, t-shirts to wear each day of the build, duffle bag, team photo and Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance.
Q?Can I raise funds to go on a trip?
A.Some participants elect to ask friends and family to help with the cost of their trip. We can help you get started by offering you sample letters you can use and giving you special envelopes to include with your letters. We will keep a running total of the funds we receive in your name.
Q?How long is a trip?
A.Generally, most of our trips are 7-10 days.
Q?What kind of experience do I need?
A.We do not require any experience at all.
Q?Do I need to get any immunizations?
A.Yes, we recommend that your Tetanus shot be up-to-date and that you get a Flu shot. Depending on the location of the build, you may be required to get certain immunizations before the trip. Most of the build locations only have recommended immunizations so it will be your choice whether you get them or not. Costs for immunizations are your responsibility and are not included in the overall cost of the trip.
Q?Do I need to get a passport or a visa?
A.If the build is out of the country you will be required to have an updated passport. Passports must be valid within 7 months of the trip date. You can obtain a passport through your local Post Office. You may be required to get a visa depending on the location of the trip. We can obtain a visa for you which is detailed in our applications.
Q?Do I need special insurance before I go?
A.You MUST have Health Insurance to participate on one of our trips. We also include Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance in the total cost of our International trips

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.