Training & Outreach

When we first met Neptali, he was the Director of The JESUS Film project for Ecuador and had traveled throughout his country showing the film. He was always concerned that he didn’t have any follow-up material for the many children who were coming to know Jesus through the presentations; any resources or training material to provide to the local churches. One day, a Board Member of Kids Around the World was in Quito, Ecuador for a board meeting of another organization. During a break in the meetings, he connected with the Campus Crusade for Christ office in Ecuador and made an appointment to meet with the JESUS Film Director, Neptali. Neptali had no idea what this American wanted and he quickly contacted a friend to serve as a translator for the appointment. In the morning, the Board Member arrived with a set of JESUS Film flannelgraphs to Neptali’s office. He quickly opened the set, laid the bright, beautiful, large characters of the JESUS Film flannelgraph on Neptali’s desk and asked him if he knew what this was. Neptali smiled and said, “This is the follow-up material for the JESUS Film for children…I’ve been praying for this!”

We have sent in hundreds of kits to Ecuador since that first meeting. Each kit contains 47 lessons on the life of Christ and 38 lessons from the Book of Genesis and soon 57 more chronological lessons from the Bible.