Food Program

I think all of us will remember January 12, 2010, the day the tiny country of Haiti collapsed due to a 7.0 earthquake that destroyed so much of the country. Reports tell us that more than three million people were affected by that earthquake. Many organizations around the world quickly rose to the challenge of providing relief, including Kids Around the World.

Haitian Boy Eating KIDS Meals

Several years earlier, KIDS became aware of a food packing process that gave volunteers the opportunity to provide a healthy meal to hungry children around the world. One of our many volunteers took the challenge to their church who then raised the funds for a packing event to benefit the children in Haiti. Our staff provided the food, packing equipment and instructions as the church packed thousands of meals in a few short hours. We shipped them to one of our partners in Haiti.

A few weeks later, the same volunteer was in Haiti on a mission trip through KIDS. As he was walking through a warehouse there, he noticed meals getting ready to be delivered to those in need. He saw writing on the boxes of packaged food and realized the boxes were the ones his church packed and sent to Haiti! With tears in his eyes, he helped deliver those boxes, completing the cycle of packaging to delivering the meals to those in need.