Puppets are a highly effective tool for sharing the truths of the Bible with kids (of any age!). Children and adults alike love watching a puppet come to life. Puppets are fun and entertaining, which make them great for holding the attention of any audience. They also break down barriers, bringing out the child in all of us. Even the hardest heart will stop and listen to a puppet share about the love of God though they might never give you the opportunity otherwise.

Kids Around the World has developed a Puppet Ministry workshop to teach children’s workers to use puppets to engage children’s hearts and imaginations. Our training introduces them to the basic skills needed for puppet manipulation, use of scripts and songs, and putting a program together to effectively minister to children. These new skills can be used immediately as workshop participants are given a pattern and initial materials to make their own puppets, a stage and scripts (when available) so that they can continue to minister on an on-going basis. The Zany/KIDS puppet pattern is also easy enough for a child to make and use. Imagine the fun they will have retelling the Bible story with their very own puppet.