Our Food

Every minute 12 children die from starvation. Kids Around the World is part of the solution to world hunger. We partner with organizations all over the United States and package meals that contain all the nutritional requirements undernourished children need for physical and mental development.

One food package contains 6 servings. Each package is prepared in less than 20 minutes by adding it to boiling water. One box contains 36 packages and feeds 216 children. One pallet contains 66 Kids Around the World - Food Programboxes with 2,376 packages and feeds 14,256 children!

The food is a rice and soy mix fortified with 21 vitamins and minerals, 6 dehydrated vegetables and seasoning. This soy (52% protein) and nutrient rich formula reverses the starvation process and its effects.

All of our meals are packaged by individuals and volunteers from churches, businesses, families, and youth groups. The meals are packaged at a host location or at our warehouse in Rockford, IL. The distribution of the food is done through local partners who ensure the children receive the meals. Many times we combine our food shipments with our playgrounds enabling the children to receive both a playground and food!

We have shipped hundreds of thousands of meals since we started this program and need your help to continue this effort. If you would like more information on OneMeal or how to set up a packing session, please contact us.